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Residential VS Outpatient Rehab

To get rid of drug addiction, there are many options available to choose for when it comes to alcohol rehab centers. As you begin your search for the best alcohol treatment center, one of the first decisions you will need to make will be what type of rehab centre you are going to opt. When deciding, you should focus on which types of treatment these centers offer, their staff credentials, whether they are properly licensed, and what types of aftercare programs they offer to prevent relapse. The decision is about more than deciding where you want to sleep during treatment whether it is a Residential Drug Rehab or Outpatient Rehab. Though both offer some of the same therapeutic options, the two types of programs are significantly different.

Residential Drug Rehabs

If you want to give space between yourself and home, you need to give yourself the chance to heal without distraction. There you choose residential drug rehabs. Residential alcohol rehab offers room and board in addition to onsite medical detox and a comprehensive daily schedule full of therapy and alternative treatments. The result is a holistic alcohol treatment program that provides a shelter of support as well as a variety of different therapies to deal with alcohol addiction.

Outpatient Rehabs

Although outpatient alcohol treatment doesn’t offer the same suitable padding as you will find at a residential alcohol treatment center, there are a number of benefits you would wish for from outpatient rehabs. They offer limited schedule but still provide you with access to group therapy sessions, support groups, one on one therapy and other alternative and holistic treatments. They also allow you to maintain a part-time work schedule, take care of kids when they get home from school and stay on top of your commitments at home.

Residential OutpatientOne of the major difference between both residential drug rehab and outpatient rehab , if you are physically dependent upon alcohol and experience withdrawal symptoms when you stop drinking, then you will not have the benefit of medical detox in an outpatient alcohol treatment program. In these situations, it is advised that you either go through a short-term residential alcohol detox prior to entering the outpatient alcohol treatment. So it’s better to choose a comprehensive inpatient alcohol rehab program that provides both detox and addiction treatment.

Residential and Outpatient Alcohol Rehab

Both residential and outpatient alcohol rehab programs are effective, but the extent of their effectiveness will vary according to your personal circumstance and experience with alcohol and other drugs. As stated above, if you are physically addicted to alcohol, you need a medical detox and that is only available at a Residential Drug Rehab program. You can also consider the stability of your home life while choosing the right rehab centre for you. If you are surrounded by drinkers or feel that you will be unable to avoid the temptation to drink, then a residential drug rehab treatment program is probably the last and better option for you.

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