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Cocaine Rehab

Cocaine Addiction

Considered as one of the toughest job to quit, cocaine addiction can crop up very quickly, causing major clinical changes in the brain. Its effects can be felt even after a single dose and disappear within a few minutes or hours. In the early period of addiction, cocaine will make you feel euphoric, energetic, talkative, and mentally alert, especially to the sensations of sight, sound, and touch. Some find it very useful as they feel this drug helps them to perform simple physical and intellectual tasks more quickly and in a better way, while others can experience the opposite effect.

But contradictorily, cocaine addiction temporarily decreases the need for food and sleep. Some users can feel the changes, which includes:

  • Make it hard to feel good without cocaine
  • Require the use of ever greater amounts of cocaine to feel the same effects
  • Change areas of the brain responsible for impulse control, making it harder to resist temptation

Some cocaine addicts are able to quit on their own where as many require treatment for cocaine addiction to do so. In the early period of cocaine rehabilitation, symptoms of depression, restlessness and irritability make it difficult to maintain the resolve to stay abstinent. But still difficult to overcome, lasting sternness can be achieved with effective treatment at cocaine rehab centers.

Cocaine RehabCocaine Treatment Centers

Once determined to seek treatment from cocaine treatment centers, it is imperative that you begin at once to track down the right cocaine rehab facility for you. If you are concerned about taking time away from work or family, consider this: if your cocaine addiction continues on its current trajectory, you likely won’t have a job or solid relationships with your family to worry about. Cocaine addicts feel intense cravings for months after quitting; and even after years of abstinence, a sudden trigger can create intense drug cravings seemingly out of nowhere.

Cocaine addiction treatment can occur on an outpatient or residential basis, solely depending on the needs and wants of the patient. Residential treatment at some residential drug rehab sometime preferable, as it removes a person from an environment of temptation for the initial period of abstinence.

Cocaine rehab begins from that very moment when the patient walks through the door. A full intake and evaluation is first, followed by detox and medical care until the patient is physically stabilized, and then the real work begins: addiction treatment through therapy and counseling. When the patient completes their program, aftercare services begin to solidify the concepts learned during treatment and feel the patient comfortable.

Getting out of cocaine addiction is tough, but physically possible. Thus, get help before it’s too late!

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